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Is International Expansion from the US Right for Your Business?

Posted on by Keith Warburton under , ,

International expansion is becoming increasingly possible and common for US-based businesses due to the huge availability of information and the ability to connect to anyone in the world, all through the internet. The internet connects the world, which makes expanding to any part of the globe far easier than it was just a couple of… Read More

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Virtual Working Across Cultures, Languages, Geography & Time

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I am part of a team whose members are in the UK, the Netherlands and Australia. We have been in the same room only once, but we are perfectly aligned; we communicate regularly using different types of technology; we share clear targets, a common understanding of our behaviours, we enjoy talking to each other and… Read More

Indian Culture, cultural differences employers need to know before hiring talent in India

Cultural Differences YOU Need to Know Before Hiring Talent in India

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India- The Hub of Cultural Diversities: India is a diverse land of an interesting blend of cultures, religions, languages, customs, considerable regional differences and more. It is believed that every few hundred miles, one experiences a shift in language, customary practices and traditions. India is not a ‘land of snake charmers’ anymore but this fast-growing… Read More

Quarterbacking Competence: Top 5 Keys to Having Team Success in an International Environment

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The position of Quarterback is the most magnified and influencing position in all of sports. In the sport of American Football, the quarterback acts as the overall leader of the team on the field along with being the CEO off the field. The quarterback is responsible for success when the team is winning, along with… Read More

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Key Brexit drivers from a European perspective

Posted on by Keith Warburton under , ,

Quite naturally the British media is awash with commentary on when Article 50 should be triggered, what the UK’s negotiating position should be and what deal would be acceptable to a divided domestic electorate; key Brexit drivers. Even from a solely UK perspective, the up-coming negotiations look complex – and we are one nation, seeking… Read More

Women in Business: India

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Historically, India has been a largely male-dominated society in terms of social and cultural values. In the last century, though, with the move away from the traditional insistence on religious customs and ideals, and with the increase of secondary and tertiary female education, India has made much progress towards a more equal and accepting society…. Read More

You really need to build your own levels of cultural fluency

Posted on by Keith Warburton under

I really believe this statement is true if any person is to be able to work really effectively across the barriers of culture, language, geography and time. The basic problem is that people are not born with an innate understanding of how business works in areas of the globe they don’t know and maybe have… Read More

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English as the Global Communication Language

Posted on by Keith Warburton under

Like it or not, English is the common global language adopted by most international companies. The trouble is that language levels in English vary around the world – even within one organisation. Native speakers often assume that ‘if somebody is working in my company, they have to have really high levels of English.’ This is… Read More

Does digital make the world smaller?

Posted on by Keith Warburton under

The internet and digital marketing bring the world to our door and make access to new markets infinitely easier – or that is the current perceived wisdom. Things might not, however, be that straightforward. The first, and pretty obvious, caveat to the notion that digital makes global access more easily attainable is that if digital… Read More