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Tax Registration Procedure Russia, Taxes in Russia

Coming Soon: Simplified Tax Registration Procedure for Newly Established Companies in Russia

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Taxes in Russia The Russian Federation (hereinafter “Russia”) is not the only state in Europe where the tax authorities apply strict rules to a Company’s registration including its business address especially for newly established legal entities (companies) and further proactive control procedures (please see the earlier post by Andre Beukes “Acquiring a business address in… Read More

Italy, overcoming the challenges of globalization

Italian Accountancy: Overcoming the Challenges of Globalization

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Italy is an anomalous case among the developed countries because for a quarter of a century it has been the country with the lowest growth rates. The reason, according to the generality of economists, must be traced back to the difficulty of adapting the public administration and the productive structure to the challenges of globalization,… Read More

Changes in China Tax Policy

Major Changes in China’s Tax Policy

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(For brevity and readability consideration, we only cite part of the tax policies in report; for complete and detailed information, please refer to relevant document paper issued by China’s tax bureau.) 1. Replace business tax with value-added tax (VAT) The reform of business and VAT on May 1st 2016 had significant influences on the transportation… Read More

Using Artificial Intelligence to Reduce Business Risk – CIB Implement Cutting-Edge Program MindBridge

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We live in an ever-changing and exciting world when it comes to data. Gone are the days of manual ledgers, paper trails and shredders as we now look to “blockchain”, “cryptocurrencies” and “cloud accounting” systems. Big Data and the analysis of such are becoming hot topics, and as we move to a world where access… Read More

Brazil, EFD-Reinf, e-Social

2018: The Year of Technological Advance for the Accessory Obligations

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At the beginning of 2018, the delivery of information related to social security had almost become completely online with input from the e-Social. The e-Social is a registration system, elaborated by the Federal Government, with the purpose of facilitating the collection of the information related to workers. All the information comprises a single database and… Read More

The Japanese Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Key Audit Matters communication

Introduction of ‘Key Audit Matters’ Communication

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On July 5, 2018, the Business Accounting Council of the Financial Services Agency of Japan (‘FSA’) published the “Opinion on the Revision of the Auditing Standards” that contains the introduction of ‘Key Audit Matters (KAM)’ communication. KAM is the matter that is of most significance in the audit of the financial statements for a certain… Read More

Small business Tax brackets Canada

The Changing Tax Landscape in Canada

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The Canadian Federal Government began to introduce tax changes in 2015 and 2016 around the taxation of small businesses in an effort to prevent corporations from multiplying their ability to take advantage of the small business deduction. This deduction allows a Canadian controlled private corporation to be taxed at a low rate of tax on… Read More

Making Tax Digital, Great Britain, UK, HMRC, Tax

Great Britain’s HMRC Making Tax Digital: What Will It Mean for Businesses?

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The UK online tax return filing system was used by 9.9 million individual UK taxpayers in 2017/18, with 92.5% of returns being submitted electronically. Despite this, the UK government intends to go further with its digitalisation of the UK tax system. “Making Tax Digital” (“MTD”) is a key part of the UK government’s plans to… Read More

Business Implications of Tanzania’s Microfinance Act 2018

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Written by: Peter Kasanda, Michaela Marandu, Tenda Msinjili and Imani Mselle. In this month’s legal briefing, we focus on the Microfinance Act 2018 and recent public notices issued by the Bank of Tanzania on Supervision of Microfinance Service Providers. BOT’s Notice In December 2018 the Bank of Tanzania (BOT) issued a public notice (the Notice)… Read More

Changes in China Tax Policy

Major Changes in China’s Accounting Principles

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In these years, there are some significant changes in IFRS, such as IFRS 15 – Revenue from contracts with customers, IFRS 16 –leases and etc. They all have impacts on the Chinese market. The PRC GAAP has some subject changes to follow up with IFRS. 1. Distinguish continuous operating net profit with terminus operating net… Read More