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Maximizing Collections Under Letters of Credit

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How to Start Improving the Collection Success of your Export Letter of Credit Sales For as long as any of us can remember, Export Letters of Credit have occupied the unique position of being both one of the most “secure” forms of trade payment but also one of the most frustrating and hard to collect…. Read More

Global Finance

Maximising Cash from Factoring

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For many corporates, the signing of the all important Factoring Agreement signals the end of much hard work in finding a Factored Receivables lender, gaining credit approval and negotiating the commercial legal terms and legals, after which a reliable and consistent stream of cash can be expected to flow into the company bank account every… Read More

Blockchain – Mind Boggling Cryptocurrency or Common Financial Unit Five Years Time?

Posted on by Colin Evans under , , , , , ,

A colleague of mine sent me a link to an article about the new commercial & financial technology “Blockchain” asking me if this would rapidly change the way the the international supply chain (in particular the financial aspects) operates. I for one am totally unconvinced, please feel free to read and comment, particularly anyone with first hand… Read More

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