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International SEO

A Starter Guide to International SEO

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If your business operates globally, your website should be able to deliver specific content and offer great user experience across multiple countries, cultures and languages (and often multiple languages within a country). This way, searchers from around the world will be able to navigate your website and find the information that is relevant to them… Read More

engagement funnel

So, what’s this Engagement Funnel all about then?

Posted on by Nigel Cliffe under ,

Have you ever spent ten, twenty, perhaps even thirty minutes longer than you should have done, frozen as you deliberated over which birthday gift to buy a friend? Even if it were a friend you know very well, I wouldn’t blame you for being immobilised by choice. In today’s option-saturated world we are surrounded by… Read More

Thought leadership: what exactly is it?

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Thought leadership! It’s the buzzword of modern business right now. But what exactly is ‘thought leadership’ and what is simply opinion, information or ‘content marketing’? It’s certainly true that thought leadership is a frequently used and often ‘abused’ term. Many organisations claim to be ‘thought leaders’ but are in fact simply stating their own aims,… Read More

Print industry innovation: Do you want fries with that?

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Yawn… Sigh… Twiddle thumbs – I’ve heard it so many times: ‘Print needs to innovate.’ While this is not new news, I haven’t ever really stopped to summarize all the ways that are possible. Have you? I don’t recall ever summarizing the list, so here is a starter for ten (or sixteen as it happens)…. Read More