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6 Essential Components of a Good Supply Chain Design

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In those precious few moments between rushing from one crisis to the next, we get time to sit back and view our world more objectively and holistically. In one of those rare moments, I would ask you to stop and think about your supply chain design. Here is a checklist of what we have found… Read More

supply chain efficiency

How to maximise efficiency in your supply chain

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Let’s face it, we are all under continuous pressure to reduce costs and improve performance. Places such as the internet and LinkedIn posts are great ways to start looking for guidance. The supply chain is no exception to this, and a quick search of your needs delivers many articles offering tips and lists of things… Read More

Single Sourcing, Supply Chain

Supply Chain: Agile or Fragile?

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Recently I came across an interesting article in Supply Chain Digital titled: “Why are global supply chains becoming more fragile?” It cited a number of examples of supply chain failures and suggested that one of the factors that play a large role is the trend for single sourcing. In particular, the dependency of complex manufacturers… Read More

marketing strategy

Marketing strategy and supply chain strategy in an uncertain global environment

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When researching and reading papers for customer marketing strategy and supply chain strategy, it appeared odd that the two are so different in their paradigms. Supply chain strategy seems so complicated, in that it is a constant tension between customer service and price. Complexity and uncertainty seem to reduce clarity and visibility, requiring supply chain… Read More


When was the last time you checked your insurance?

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I am sure, as a supply chain professional, you ensure that your procurement and sales teams use the appropriate INCO terms in their contracts. This determines the transfer of risk from seller to buyer and the responsibility for insurance of the cargo while in transit. But ask yourself: Have you taken the time to check… Read More

logistics collaboration

Logistics Collaboration is not a zero-sum game. Have faith.

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Why is it that collaboration is seen as such an obvious benefit and yet it fails so often? Logistics collaboration is often cited as an effective way to improve supply chain performance. But in many of the case studies cited it seems that one party is in a stronger or dominant position and that their… Read More

Blockchain – Mind Boggling Cryptocurrency or Common Financial Unit Five Years Time?

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A colleague of mine sent me a link to an article about the new commercial & financial technology “Blockchain” asking me if this would rapidly change the way the international supply chain (in particular the financial aspects) operates. I for one am totally unconvinced, please feel free to read and comment, particularly anyone with first hand experience… Read More