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Is International Expansion from the US Right for Your Business?

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International expansion is becoming increasingly possible and common for US-based businesses due to the huge availability of information and the ability to connect to anyone in the world, all through the internet. The internet connects the world, which makes expanding to any part of the globe far easier than it was just a couple of… Read More

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10 Key Steps to Successful Global Market Entry – Step 3

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Step Three: Know the Local Business Culture It’s an uncomfortable fact, but they just do things differently in other countries – but more importantly, they think differently about business. Many of your firmly held beliefs, about how business should be conducted, what constitutes an agreement, and even when ‘yes’ means ‘yes’, may have to be… Read More

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10 Key Steps to Successful Global Market Entry – Step 2

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Step Two: Do the Research Don’t rely on a blank page. As bizarre as it may sound, we find that lots of companies enter a new international market having done virtually no detailed research on that market. This approach to market entry leads to a number of mistakes which are likely to jeopardise the success… Read More

India economic growth

Midnight’s Grandchildren Set the Pace for India’s Next Phase of Growth

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India’s growth is the global economic story of the next 20 years. But it won’t be straightforward. And anyone eyeing its huge potential must be able to navigate the country’s scale and complexity and understand the intricate forces of tradition and modernity, shaping the world’s fastest-growing large economy. India is at once ancient and modern…. Read More

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10 Key Steps to Successful Global Market Entry – Step 1

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Step 1 – Selecting a Market Far too many companies’ approach to international trade is reactive rather than strategic. People react to chance enquiries or random meetings at trade shows, and those ad hoc encounters are somehow translated into a global market strategy. This approach seldom works. Your approach to international should be strategic and… Read More

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Five reasons why you should invest in your presence in India

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Lots of British and US companies who are heavily committed to China seem reluctant to develop a significant presence and invest in India for some reason. They cite a number of obstacles to market entry in India such as IP risks, corruption, bureaucracy, the size of the country and even language barriers – forgetting that… Read More

Emerging market entry – it’s an art

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As partners of TGG, we have all helped western companies enter and grow their business successfully in some key emerging markets around the world during our careers. A majority of clients come to us at a very early stage and ask for strategic and practical solutions; the others tend to come to us having tried… Read More

Acquiring a business address in the Netherlands

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If a company decides to enter the European market, one of the most important steps is to acquire a local business address. Having a business address in the Netherlands, if you are planning on expansion into the European market, is a major asset. This allows locals to recognize and trust your business. To register a… Read More