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Women in Business: India

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Historically India has been a largely male dominated society in terms of social and cultural values. In the last century, though, with the move away from the traditional insistence on religious customs and ideals, and with the increase of secondary and tertiary female education, India has made much progress towards a more equal and accepting… Read More

Business in Zimbabwe

Investing in Zimbabwe: Charting the Legal Landscape

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Introduction Zimbabwe’s investment legislation landscape has undergone a tremendous shift in recent times. Having slipped 4 places to 161 out of a ranked 190 countries on the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business 2016 rankings, the country is currently undertaking a number of fast-tracked legislative reforms, aimed at facilitating and accelerating implementation of foreign direct… Read More

Acquiring a business address in the Netherlands

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If a company decides to enter the European market, one of the most important steps is to acquire a local business address. Having a business address in the Netherlands, if you are planning on expansion into the European market, is a major asset. This allows locals to recognize and trust your business. To register a… Read More

Outsourcing Internationally

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Over the years we have worked on scores of projects involving outsourcing projects to India, China, Mexico etc. and our brief is always the same – to try to make the interface between the outsourced operation and the home teams in the West work more effectively. I have come to recognise a pattern with regard… Read More

Is female business representation reflected in buying power globally?

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While there are certainly exceptions, it is fair to say that the majority of people go to work purely to earn money, but what they do earn and how it is spent can vary wildly. Just as house prices and the price of goods – the cost of living, in simple terms – can differ… Read More

Will the global male-female wage gap ever fully close?

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Since the dawn of business, men have always earned more than women, and no more is this evident than in Forbes annual rich list, which this year showed that just 11% of the wealthiest people in the world are women, and most inherited their fortunes. The male-female wage gap has and will be analysed and… Read More

Do women feature prominently in executive positions globally?

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The boardroom can be a cutthroat place, and although the dynamic of many organisations is changing, the makeup of the board is seeing a slower evolution, particularly in terms of gender. A study carried out by Citrix Sharefile recently looked at female representation in boardrooms in the US to fully gauge where women had opportunities… Read More

Are women-owned businesses on the rise globally?

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The dynamic of business ownership has changed dramatically over the years, and no more so than the proportion of women who are now taking on exec roles within organisations. Across the world, women are leading businesses in a variety of sectors, and this has been particularly evident in the US, where female leaders are now… Read More

Off-Shore Partners in India

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Over the years I’ve been involved in a number of major projects where U.S. or European companies have looked to transition work from their home countries to outsourced facilities in India. The drivers behind these projects have been many and varied, but I suppose that cost reduction is always a major component of any such… Read More

DLA Piper WIN in Manchester on July 4th

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Neil Moon and Keith Warburton of Global Business Culture have been asked to deliver one of their ground-breaking What In-house Lawyers Need (WIN) sessions at their Manchester office on July 4th. Neil and Keith will be addressing ‘Global Culture and Global Supply Chain – making it work’. As supply chains become ever more stretched across… Read More