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Recent Developments in Dividends Payment: Tax Optimization and Additional Questions

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According to the general rule, a Russian company which pays dividends to a foreign company is liable to withhold tax (WHT) at a standard rate of 15% (if a DTT (Differ Tax Treaty) is applicable, the WHT rate can be reduced up to 5%). Finally, an individual, which receives dividends, is liable to pay personal… Read More

Portugal Non Habitual Resident regime

Portugal: A Country of Contradictions and Balances

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Portugal: a country full of energy that welcomes both citizens and companies, both leisure and business and that grows with you as you grow with experiences and sensations lived in Portugal. As time goes by and different time zones get closer and closer, Portugal enhances its quality in what is an art – to host…. Read More

Mexico Tax, Mexican Free Tax Zones

Mexican Free Tax Zones

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Since 2016, the Mexican government has been working in the development of Mexico tax free zones (hereon FTZ) within Mexican territory. For that purpose, specific laws were passed and enacted so as to a provide necessary legal framework for investors to establish businesses in those regions. The underlying rationale for creating the free tax zones… Read More

HR Consultancy in India

HR Advisory Space in India and the Role of HR Advisors

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HR Advisory Sector in India The HR Advisory space in India is a fast -developing sector and has been witnessing consistent growth every year. Many organizations (especially international companies operating in India or large progressive Indian conglomerates) outsource multiple HR functions to regulate overall costs, to create a strategic HR function with an aim of… Read More

Sweden GDPR, Sweden GDPR implementation

How GDPR Has Impacted Accountancy in Sweden

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Like all other countries in Europe the introduction of GDPR, The General Data Protection Regulation has been a big issue in Sweden during the last month. The new legislation took effect the 25th of May 2018. As an accountant and accounting consultant, most of the new data protection regulation is affected. Everyone handles personal information… Read More

Global expansion

Is International Expansion from the US Right for Your Business?

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International expansion is becoming increasingly possible and common for US-based businesses due to the huge availability of information and the ability to connect to anyone in the world, all through the internet. The internet connects the world, which makes expanding to any part of the globe far easier than it was just a couple of… Read More

How to start a small business in Spain

Obligations That Must Be Met When Starting a Business in Spain

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When starting a a small business in Spain, there are some legal requirements that are often missed but need to be explained to the potential investors and fulfilled by all kinds of companies. These obligations are the legalization of the accounting records and other company’s documents which is compulsory as established in the Spanish Commercial… Read More

Look through approach accounting, Taxes in Russia,

Coming Soon: Simplified Tax Registration Procedure for Newly Established Companies in Russia

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Taxes in Russia The Russian Federation (hereinafter “Russia”) is not the only state in Europe where the tax authorities apply strict rules to a Company’s registration including its business address especially for newly established legal entities (companies) and further proactive control procedures (please see the earlier post by Andre Beukes “Acquiring a business address in… Read More

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Chinese Currency, Exports Likely to Hold Steady Amidst Trade Talks

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As the US-China trade war prepares to enter its second year, experts observe tighter regulation by Beijing of the Chinese yuan. In such a situation, the yuan would hover within a narrow value range, proving that China is neither overly influenced by other nations’ efforts. At the time of writing, 1 US Dollar trades for… Read More

Market Entry - Do the research

6 Essential Components of a Good Supply Chain Design

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In those precious few moments between rushing from one crisis to the next, we get time to sit back and view our world more objectively and holistically. In one of those rare moments, I would ask you to stop and think about your supply chain design. Here is a checklist of what we have found… Read More