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Many commentators emphasise lack of initial trust amongst people who meet for the first time as being a key Czech characteristic.

This having been said, it is hardly surprising to say that teams take a little time before they can start working together effectively. Knowing that teams can take time to bond is a worthwhile piece of knowledge. This information can help set your expectations during the early stages of any project – and also points to the need for resources and time to be made available to help the team-bonding process.

Once a team is established and is functioning well together, it is probably best to try to keep them together for a protracted period – introducing new members only when necessary.

Traditionally, a team would have been viewed as a group of individuals reporting vertically to a strong leader and interaction between team members at the same peer level would have been more limited.
(NB It is probably true that this ‘suspicious’ nature is less prevalent amongst younger Czechs who were not as influenced by Soviet era policies.)

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