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As has been stated earlier, the Czech approach to many business issues will be determined by the type of organisation you happen to be dealing with and by the age of your counterparts.

Many Western companies with subsidiaries in the Czech Republic will place great emphasis on developing a leadership style within their Czech operation which aligns with their global views on leadership issues. Therefore, you may find that leadership style can vary widely depending on the type of operation you are dealing with.

Traditionally, Czech management styles have been characterised by a somewhat paternalistic style which reflects the hierarchical, bureaucratic nature of the ex-state monopolies which were the norm in the economy. Managers kept somewhat aloof from their subordinates and issued direct commands which people were expected to follow without question. This approach is still very evident in the larger, locally-run Czech enterprises.

This paternalistic style accounts for the lack of initiative which may expatriates feel they encounter when working with Czech colleagues. If managers expect their subordinates to follow direct instructions unquestioningly, it is hardly surprising if those subordinates feel they have no authority to go beyond the direct instructions they have been given.

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