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>> Business Entertaining in the Czech Republic

As it can be difficult to build good relations quickly in the Czech Republic, every opportunity to extend the scope of a new relationship should be taken.

Therefore, it is good practice to invite Czech contacts for a meal – preferably lunch or dinner rather than to a breakfast meeting (which are new phenomenon in the country.) If you do invite people for a meal, ensure that you choose a good restaurant which will show how serious you are about developing a deeper relationship. (If you are not sure where to go, ask for local advice as restaurants range in quality from excellent to really quite poor.)

Should you discuss detailed business over lunch or dinner? As with many things in the Czech Republic, it is difficult to give definitive advice. Younger Czechs would probably be perfectly happy to discuss business issues over the meal but older, more formal Czechs may feel that it would be bad manners to do so. It is probably best to let the locals decide whether or not to discuss specific business issues at the meal table.

Meals are often accompanied by alcohol and do not be surprised if your evening meal becomes quite a lengthy affair. If you invite, you will be expected to pay and it would be customary to leave a tip of around 10 – 15%.

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