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Italy, overcoming the challenges of globalization

Italian Accountancy: Overcoming the Challenges of Globalization

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Italy is an anomalous case among the developed countries because for a quarter of a century it has been the country with the lowest growth rates. The reason, according to the generality of economists, must be traced back to the difficulty of adapting the public administration and the productive structure to the challenges of globalization,… Read More

Virtual Working, virtual Teams, Communication, Culture

Virtual Working Across Cultures, Languages, Geography & Time

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I am part of a team whose members are in the UK, the Netherlands and Australia. We have been in the same room only once, but we are perfectly aligned; we communicate regularly using different types of technology; we share clear targets, a common understanding of our behaviours, we enjoy talking to each other and… Read More

Changes in China Tax Policy

Major Changes in China’s Tax Policy

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(For brevity and readability consideration, we only cite part of the tax policies in report; for complete and detailed information, please refer to relevant document paper issued by China’s tax bureau.) 1. Replace business tax with value-added tax (VAT) The reform of business and VAT on May 1st 2016 had significant influences on the transportation… Read More

Global outsourcing, market entry

Five Criteria for Selecting an Outsource Partner in India

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Over the years, I’ve been involved in a number of major projects, where U.S. or European companies have looked to transition work from their home countries to outsourced facilities in India. The drivers behind these projects have been many and varied, but I suppose that cost reduction is always a major component of any such… Read More

supply chain efficiency

How to maximise efficiency in your supply chain

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Let’s face it, we are all under continuous pressure to reduce costs and improve performance. Places such as the internet and LinkedIn posts are great ways to start looking for guidance. The supply chain is no exception to this, and a quick search of your needs delivers many articles offering tips and lists of things… Read More

Using Artificial Intelligence to Reduce Business Risk – CIB Implement Cutting-Edge Program MindBridge

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We live in an ever-changing and exciting world when it comes to data. Gone are the days of manual ledgers, paper trails and shredders as we now look to “blockchain”, “cryptocurrencies” and “cloud accounting” systems. Big Data and the analysis of such are becoming hot topics, and as we move to a world where access… Read More

Brazil, EFD-Reinf, e-Social

2018: The Year of Technological Advance for the Accessory Obligations

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At the beginning of 2018, the delivery of information related to social security had almost become completely online with input from the e-Social. The e-Social is a registration system, elaborated by the Federal Government, with the purpose of facilitating the collection of the information related to workers. All the information comprises a single database and… Read More

Company Formation Market Entry

10 Key Steps to Successful Global Market Entry – Step 3

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Step Three: Know the Local Business Culture It’s an uncomfortable fact, but they just do things differently in other countries – but more importantly, they think differently about business. Many of your firmly held beliefs, about how business should be conducted, what constitutes an agreement, and even when ‘yes’ means ‘yes’, may have to be… Read More

Indian Culture, cultural differences employers need to know before hiring talent in India

Cultural Differences YOU Need to Know Before Hiring Talent in India

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India- The Hub of Cultural Diversities: India is a diverse land of an interesting blend of cultures, religions, languages, customs, considerable regional differences and more. It is believed that every few hundred miles, one experiences a shift in language, customary practices and traditions. India is not a ‘land of snake charmers’ anymore but this fast-growing… Read More

Single Sourcing, Supply Chain

Supply Chain: Agile or Fragile?

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Recently I came across an interesting article in Supply Chain Digital titled: “Why are global supply chains becoming more fragile?” It cited a number of examples of supply chain failures and suggested that one of the factors that play a large role is the trend for single sourcing. In particular, the dependency of complex manufacturers… Read More