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When was the last time you checked your insurance?

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I am sure, as a supply chain professional, you ensure that your procurement and sales teams use the appropriate INCO terms in their contracts. This determines the transfer of risk from seller to buyer and the responsibility for insuring the cargo while in transit. But have you: Taken the time to check your insurance policy… Read More

So, what’s this Engagement Funnel all about then?

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Have you ever spent ten, twenty, perhaps even thirty minutes longer than you should have done, frozen as you deliberated over which birthday gift to buy a friend? Even if it were a friend you know very well, I wouldn’t blame you for being immobilised by choice. In today’s option-saturated world we are surrounded by… Read More

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Maximizing Collections Under Letters of Credit

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How to Start Improving the Collection Success of your Export Letter of Credit Sales For as long as any of us can remember, Export Letters of Credit have occupied the unique position of being both one of the most “secure” forms of trade payment but also one of the most frustrating and hard to collect…. Read More

Five reasons why you should invest in your presence in India

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Lots of British and US companies who are heavily committed to China seem reluctant to develop a significant presence in India for some reason. They cite a number of obstacles to market entry in India such as IP risks, corruption, bureaucracy, the size of the country and even language barriers – forgetting that China also… Read More

Logistics Collaboration is not a zero sum game. Have faith.

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Why is it that collaboration is seen as such an obvious benefit and yet it fails so often? Logistics collaboration is often cited as an effective way to improve supply chain performance. But in many of the case studies cited it seems that one party is in a stronger or dominant position and that their… Read More

Thought leadership; what exactly is it?

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Thought leadership! It’s the buzzword of modern business right now. But what exactly is ‘thought leadership’ and what is simply opinion, information or ‘content marketing’? It’s certainly true that thought leadership is a frequently used and often ‘abused’ term. Many organisations claim to be ‘thought leaders’ but are in fact simply stating their own aims,… Read More

Emerging market entry – it’s an art.

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As partners of TGG, we have all helped western companies enter and grow their business successfully in some key emerging markets around the world during our careers. A majority of clients come to us at a very early stage and ask for strategic and practical solutions; the others tend to come to us having tried… Read More

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Maximising Cash from Factoring

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For many corporates, the signing of the all important Factoring Agreement signals the end of much hard work in finding a Factored Receivables lender, gaining credit approval and negotiating the commercial legal terms and legals, after which a reliable and consistent stream of cash can be expected to flow into the company bank account every… Read More

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Key Brexit drivers from a European perspective

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Quite naturally the British media is awash with commentary on when Article 50 should be triggered, what the UK’s negotiating position should be and what deal would be acceptable to a divided domestic electorate; key Brexit drivers. Even from a solely UK perspective, the up-coming negotiations look complex – and we are one nation, seeking… Read More

Blockchain – Mind Boggling Cryptocurrency or Common Financial Unit Five Years Time?

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A colleague of mine sent me a link to an article about the new commercial & financial technology “Blockchain” asking me if this would rapidly change the way the international supply chain (in particular the financial aspects) operates. I for one am totally unconvinced, please feel free to read and comment, particularly anyone with first hand experience… Read More