As Keith Warburton travels around the world on client assignments he is faced with a kaleidoscope of cultural dilemmas and challenges. Whether it is issues around integrating teams into a JV with a State Owned Enterprise in China, working with colleagues in India in an outsourced project team or helping lawyers communicate more effectively with global clients – Keith has experienced it all.

Most of the challenges he sees are generic and can be experienced by any organisation in any sector because they are generally interpersonal issues and Keith distils these messages and learning points and writes about them in a series of regular blogs posts.

Recent blog topics have included such varied subjects as ‘Is it possible to have a functioning global appraisal programme?’ through to ‘Developing a Global Compliance programme’. The blogs don’t follow a pattern or a set sequence because Keith is reacting to situations as he finds them and when he finds them.

5 Reasons why your Organisation should become culturally fluent

Lots of organisations seem to face huge capability gaps when it comes to successfully implementing global strategy. The strategy may be fine as a concept but individuals within companies very often lack a sufficiently global mindset to allow them to implement the strategy successfully – and that’s when things can go badly wrong. Many of… Read More

Globalisation gap and global strategy

The findings of a recent Boston Consulting Group report highlighted the fact that many companies face a huge capability gap when it comes to implementing their global strategy. The strategy may be fine but if individuals within the organisation lack the global mindset to enable them to implement the strategy successfully, then things can go… Read More

Does digital make the world smaller?

The internet and digital marketing bring the world to our door and make access to new markets infinitely easier – or that is the current perceived wisdom. Things might not, however, be that straightforward. The first, and pretty obvious, caveat to the notion that digital makes global access more easily attainable is that if digital… Read More

Cultural fluency is paramount

Why cultural fluency in sales and marketing is paramount Do global marketers and sales people need cultural fluency or do generic marketing and sales concepts supersede any differences in approach and attitude found in differing countries around the world? That is a question I am asked a lot during the learning and development programmes we… Read More

Five Criteria for Selecting an Outsource Partner in India

Over the years I’ve been involved in a number of major projects where U.S. or European companies have looked to transition work from their home countries to outsourced facilities in India.  The drivers behind these projects have been many and varied, but I suppose that cost reduction is always a major component of any such… Read More