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Teams in Turkey work along hierarchical lines with each team member having a direct relationship with the boss and expecting to receive direct instructions for him or her. Therefore, teams in Turkey could be defined as a group of individuals reporting in a vertical fashion to a leader rather than a group of individuals working collectively in a horizontal fashion.

This is not to say that relationships within the team are not important. On the contrary, as you would expect in such a strongly relationship-oriented country as Turkey it is absolutely vital that any team has a strong working bond and the leader will work extremely hard to ensure the development of such a bond. This team development work could involve such disparate measures as taking a detailed interest in the private lives of all team members and arranging regular social events where non-business conversations are likely to dominate.

All team members will feel a sense of loyalty and responsibility towards the team leader and are unlikely to either disagree with a superior or challenge them in in any form of group activity.

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