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Impact Route is a cultural training program in Rwanda working with multicultural team corporates, study abroad, gap year programs and universities equipping the people with intercultural skills to effectively interact and function in diverse cultural situations.
We provide cultural experiences and training in the three following areas:

• Cultural Immersion/Orientation:

We work with gap year, semester abroad and mission trips and provide rich homestays based cultural experiences in which participants stay with Rwandan host families, volunteer with startups and nonprofits in Kigali, take Rwanda specific cross cultural and language class and sit in one on ones cultural shock adjustment sessions.

• Cultural Induction:

We work with companies and nonprofits to provide cultural orientation to the international staff. The training package consists of Rwandan cultural awareness class accompanied by basic local
language session.

• Cultural Intelligence Training:

We consult with universities, companies and NGOs to provide cultural intelligence training to build their workforce capacity to effectively relate with coworkers and clients from different cultural backgrounds.

Justin Ngoga

Justin Ngoga is a Cultural Intelligence Certified professional with proven experience in instructional design, professional development training and cross cultural mentorship. He graduated from the former National University of Rwanda (current University of Rwanda) with a bachelor’s degree of English in 2011.

Before starting Impact Route, Justin worked with Peace Corps in 2012 as a language and cross culture facilitator. From 2013 to 2014, he worked as an academic program officer with a study abroad program in Rwanda. From 2014 to 2016, Justin was the training lead with One Acre Fund while hosting Kivu Gap Year students in Kigali, Rwanda. He is very passionate about helping people reach their full potential through mentoring, training and shared life experience.

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