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As a Confucian society, Hong Kong is still basically group-oriented, with the strongest group ties being to the family.

Therefore people in Hong Kong will make effective group members if the group environment is safe and harmonious. However, if not a member of the family, long-term loyalty to a team or organisation cannot really be expected – if a better opportunity arises then it will be grasped.

Team members expect to be given instructions by the manager and for that manager to maintain a close, ongoing involvement in the progress of events. In smaller companies, team members would not really be expected to take initiative or make any unilateral decisions. Therefore, when managing a team, it is important to give clear and complete instructions. Anything omitted from the original instructions is unlikely to get done.

Try to ensure that all of the team can maintain face and that nothing is done which can impact on the face of group members. Thus, when working in Hong Kong avoid even such seemingly harmless issues as gentle mockery of co-workers which can result in such loss of face.

Latest version updated:: 23rd March 2017

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