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Management style tends towards the paternalistic as is often found in strongly hierarchical cultures.

However, this does not mean that instructions can be given to subordinates with no concern being shown for their well-developed sense of honour. A good manager combines an authoritative approach with a concern for the well-being and dignity of employees. Managers should be authoritative but never authoritarian. It is important to show that you are in control but at the same time have a warm, human touch.

It is considered to be poor behaviour to criticise another in public, as this is an insult. To be openly criticised in public results in a loss of self-esteem and personal dignity.

Instructions should be given clearly and precisely and subordinates will be expected to follow those instructions with little or no discussion.

As relationship bonds run deep in Mexican culture, the manager expects loyalty. In return for this loyalty, the boss will look after the interests of subordinates. The manager-subordinate relationship is viewed as reciprocal.

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