>> Background to Business in Greece

Certain historical, deeply-rooted cultural characteristics have come to the fore to cause major problems not only for the Greeks but also the rest of the world.

Greece’s foray into the European Union and the access to easy credit afforded on the back of that, pushed Greece to the edge of bankruptcy in 2010 and the final outcome of Greece’s woes could still take many years to unfold

These problems are the result of a culture within the country which has offered business visitors a number of challenging paradoxes for many years.

The greatest of these paradoxes would be why a country whose people are renowned for an entrepreneurial approach, should have seemingly failed to have kept pace with the economic advances enjoyed by many of their near European neighbours. The reasons behind this lack of obvious economic success are manifold but many observers would link it directly to certain underlying cultural norms which Greece and Greeks exhibit.

Another seeming paradox is that although Greeks are fiercely patriotic, this love of country does not equate with a love of the Greek state or its institutions. The government has been perceived as interventionist and overprotective, while the public sector is viewed as bloated, inefficient and often corrupt.

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