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The industrial landscape of modern Denmark is made up of a great many small to medium-sized organisations.

There are far fewer very large organisations in Denmark than just about any other major industrial nation in Europe with the possible exception of Spain. Danish companies have tended to specialise and Denmark is famous, not for mass-market products, but for production which stresses creativity in design and excellence in the quality of the finished goods.

In the furniture sector for example, Denmark produces top quality office and conferencing products but eschews lower end mass-market opportunities. Danish companies have tended to concentrate on specialised, high margin production and have maintained their position in certain markets, more through product and design innovation, than through improvements in production technology or price competitiveness.

Outside the metropolitan district of Copenhagen, these medium-sized companies often dominate smaller towns and this situation possibly accounts for the importance placed on community relations by Danish industry as a whole and by many individual Danish business people. One concern that has been expressed by prominent Danish industrialists is the danger of tarnishing company reputation in the local home region through such anti-social activity as downsizing of the workforce. This is possibly a concern replicated everywhere in the world but in few places is it felt as acutely as in Denmark.

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