Global cultural differences present a challenge to anybody who is doing business in an overseas country or working with a colleague in another office. How are you going to work effectively across the barriers of culture, language and geography if you don’t factor in the cultural nuances and communication-based difficulties you are likely to encounter?

The World Business Culture website is the brainchild of Keith Warburton, CEO of Global Business Culture and generally regarded as one of the world’s leading experts on the impact of international cultural differences when working in a global environment. He has brought decades of experience together in a series of country-specific profiles which are designed to offer a practical guide to doing business in 39 of the world’s leading economies.

Each country profile is broken down in bite-size sections on such vital issues as meeting styles, decision-making and effective communication – there is even a top tips section at the end of each country profile.

We hope you find the global business culture information contained in the country profiles of great help as you navigate your way around an increasingly complex global commercial environment.

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