Cross Cultural Training

Cultural Awareness Training

Global Business Culture sets the benchmark for effective cultural awareness training and consultancy. Our aim is to make your organisation more globally effective by improving employee levels of global fluency. Our training interventions are intensely practical, aiming to enable people to work seamlessly across the barriers of global culture, geography and languages.

Virtual Team Training

You need your people to be able to work as effectively in multi-located global teams as they do in local teams. This is not an easy ask and Global Business Culture can equip your key people with the knowledge, skills and adaptability needed to work effectively in today’s complex global environment. If global team working is the future, you need to make it work.

Sector Expertise

Global Business Culture is able to offer clients high levels of sector expertise across a number of key industrial areas. This sector expertise, developed over many years alongside our clients, coupled with our in-depth understanding of global cultural differences allows us to develop and deliver tailored solutions to specific training requirements.


Today’s complex business environment requires multiple solutions to the training needs of any organisation. Global Business Culture has developed a range of products which can enable people and organisations to become ever more culturally fluent – at a range of price levels. We have both off-the shelf and bespoke product offerings.