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Indirect Communication

In communication, Rwandans start with background information, supportive arguments and sometimes examples before they get to the point because it is believed the best communicator has to lay a very good foundation for their message. Therefore, going straight to the point means you are a bad communicator or in some instances, it could mean you are rude and disrespectful.

High context communication style

Rwandans use subtle messages and the listener has to read between the lines to understand the message. Therefore, it is very important to look at facial expression and read the cues to better understand the situation. Sometime a yes will not necessarily mean yes and a no might not necessarily mean a no.

Not expressive

Though Rwanda neighbours Uganda, Tanzania and Congo which are reasonably expressive culture, Rwandans are noticeably non-expressive. Rwandans rarely express their utmost anger nor happiness in public which makes it harder sometimes to know when they are very happy or very upset.

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