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In order to ensure good, collaborative team-working within Brazil or from Brazilian colleagues working in international teams, it is important that everybody has the opportunity to get to know each other well and form those all-important relationship bonds.

This might mean that it takes longer to mould a Brazilian team than it would a similar team in the USA or the UK.

Team members will be very keen to fully understand their exact role and responsibilities within the team — as well as the roles and responsibilities of all the other team members. People do not like to be seen encroaching onto somebody else’s area of responsibility. It is also seen as difficult to know if you have done a good job if your role is ill-defined.

Each team member will expect to see a chain of command within the team (as befits a hierarchical culture) and if no such chain of command exists, the team leader can expect that every small problem will be brought to them directly — it is difficult to get inter-team communication on such matters.

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