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eLearning Course

Global Business Culture’s e-learning programme has been used by business executives from major global corporations all over the world and this amazing personal development tool can now be accessed directly from the Global Business Culture website.

This interactive e-learning package is full of interesting tools, quizzes and case studies which will test your understanding of global cultural issues and help you to better understand the complex global environment in which we all work.

The E-learning package is divided into four distinct modules which can either be completed in one session or in bite-size pieces, leaving you free to re-enter the programme at your convenience. This way you can complete the programme as quickly or as slowly as you wish – and you can go back and revise certain learning points whenever you want.

The four key elements covered by the programme are:

Module 1

Business Culture Introduction – this module gives you an overview of how deeply international cultural differences can impact on most day-to-day business activities.

Module 2

International Meetings – in this section you will learn about the many different approaches to meetings that can be encountered when working in a global environment.

Module 3

International Communication – good communication is key to successful international effectiveness and this module explores different global communication styles and their impact on cross-border working.

Module 4

Relationship Building – the biggest difference in approach to commerce around the world is that some countries put business before relationships but that the vast majority of countries put relationships before business. This module explores the impact of this key issue on global business efficiency.

This complete e-learning package can be accessed here for only $19.99



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