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Cultural Compatibility Test

Have you ever wondered how your personal approach to business might differ from that of a colleague in a country you regularly work with? Do you feel that these differences in mindset might impact on your ability to work effectively into other countries?

If so, why not take 5-10 minutes and complete this free cultural compatibility test?

All you need to do is fill-in the fields below and complete the answers in the self-assessment test. Your answers will be analysed and plotted against seven cultural dimensions of business activity. This result will then be compared with the normative values and approaches of the target country you have selected. You will then receive a personal profile you can review.
There are only 25 questions but it is important that you answer all of the questions. Each statement has five possible answers from ‘strongly agree’ to ‘strongly disagree’ – please click on the one which most closely corresponds to your personal preference. If you find any questions difficult to answer, put down the first response which comes into your head – don’t spend ages thinking about it.



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