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Cultural Awareness Surgery



Are you or your company facing cross-border problems which you are struggling to resolve? Do you have difficulties with a colleague or client from another country which you feel might be cultural in origin? Do you sometimes feel that virtual members of your global team just ‘don’t get it?’

These are the typical type of issues that Keith Warburton has spent his career addressing. Having lived and worked across the globe before founding Global Business Culture, Keith has a life time of experience in addressing jus this type of challenge. He is called in to help the world’s great companies – maybe he could help you as well.

Keith offers one-hour (or longer) surgeries by conference call or skype where you can discuss your particular challenges on a confidential basis. Keith will help you understand the underlying cultural issues you might be facing and suggest concrete ideas to help you resolve those issues.

If you would like to set up a surgery with Keith, email him at keith@globalbusinessculture.com for an initial quotation.


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