Looking for a great speaker to engage your key stakeholders and make them leave the room with a different global perspective? If so, Keith Warburton could be the person you are looking for.

Keith Warburton is an internationally recognised expert on the impact that cultural differences can have on complex cross-border activities. His expertise in this field comes from a career spent working around the globe across a myriad of differing global cultures. He approaches this critical topic from a practical, rather than theoretical standpoint and seeks to add real value to his client base.

As founder of world-leading cultural awareness consultancy Global Business Culture, Keith spends his life travelling the world engaging with executives from leading corporations – they talk to him about the international cultural dilemmas their organisations are facing and he helps them to understand the landscape and then fix the problem.

With this background, he is the ideal keynote speaker for your conference, strategy day or team meeting. Keith presents with passion, insight and a good deal of humour. His talks are peppered with real-life commercial examples which people can immediately relate to, analyse and apply to their own daily workload.

Keith’s client list is impressive and the fact that many of these clients use him on a regular basis at conferences and events is the best recommendation we can give.