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When embarking upon offshoring, outsourcing or centralisation of work there will be multiple projects and workstreams to manage with high degrees of interdependency. An approach to project management that balances rigor with outcomes and is supported by strong communication will be key to the success of your overall programme. If you don’t already have these skills in-house then acquisition of them should be a key consideration as part of your processes for selecting partners to work with on your programme.

Some factors to consider in your approach to project management:

  • Strong beginnings and strong endings to projects ensure that what happens in the middle happens well. A clear and simple objective for each project along with the right team and clear scope will help build success. Being prepared to have succinct and open management review of projects can ensure that the approach to project management can evolve and improve based on experience gained.
  • Project teams may involve staff from partners as well as your own teams. Developing a common language and understanding of the approach to projects is important to minimise the risk of failures.
  • How can you strike a balance between team size and autonomy versus the need to ensure the overall programme is on track? Small teams with a well-formed objective can be very agile and adapt to change quickly. They need to be able to do so within a framework that will ensure their results are aligned to the overall programme.
  • The nature of this work can be very challenging for teams and individuals. This makes it a great opportunity to develop people in your organisation by providing them with stretching assignments and giving them support to develop their skills. You can use these projects as a way to develop high potential people in your organisation for future roles.
  • How to find a balance for progress reporting and governance? Too much and it won’t get used, too little and teams and stakeholders will lose direction. It is vital to build a culture of transparency so that any issues can be spotted very early and success acknowledged as it is achieved. Steering groups have a key role to play in ensuring they guide, challenge and encourage teams while being ready to make tough calls when needed.

There are many other aspects to consider and the detail will be important and it will depend on the context in which your projects are happening. We would love to talk to you about how you can prepare this aspect of your programme.

Latest version updated 16th November 2017

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