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How to work in Virtual Teams

It can be difficult to work effectively as a team member when your colleagues and, crucially, your leader are located in a different country and even in a different time zone. Virtual team members are often made to feel like mere commodities who are not respected or valued by the leader or other colleagues.

Virtual team members, therefore, need to gain a better understanding of the unique dynamics of working in a virtual environment and be given help in developing strategies to enable them to feel more fully integrated. The responsibility for better team integration and trust-building lies partly with the team-leader but also with the individual members of the team.

Global Business Culture has years of experience in helping clients to develop their talent pool and engender a truly global mindset within the leadership team.

Course topics include:

  • Defining virtual teams
  • The role of the virtual team members
  • Cultural expectations of other team members
  • Working with a leader from a different country
  • Understanding roles and responsibilities within virtual teams
  • The need for common process
  • Communicating within virtual teams
  • Maximising virtual meetings
  • Building trust across time and distance
  • Developing effective distance relationships
  • Use of technology

Latest version updated 27th April 2017

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