Leading Virtual Teams

>> Managing Remote Team Members Expectations

It is important that team expectations are met – otherwise there will be frustration, confusion and unhappiness. With a multi-cultural, geographically diverse team, it can be very difficult to even know what the expectations on you might be.

Leadership styles vary enormously in different cultures and so your ‘natural’ style may be very bizarre to people in a different country.

Questions for the leader to ask him/herself:

  • Do I know what the cultural expectations are from each of my team members?
  • Does the team understand the different dynamics of a virtual team as opposed to a co-located team?
  • What am I doing to ensure that I manage the expectations of the various team members?
  • Do I understand team member’s individual expectations with regard to their own careers?

It is strongly advised that a leader who has a culturally and geographically dispersed team does some serious research into the business culture of the countries which fall with the team remit. This does not mean you should find out all about the local food (although this might help) – it is much more about finding out about how things operate in other countries. Are meeting styles the same? How are decisions arrived at? What’s the norm in the country with regard to working outside contract working hours?

If you feel you need help on these things, look at www.worldbusinessculture where you’ll find lots of quality information and advise on a host of different global business cultures.

Latest version updated 23rd March 2017

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