Leading Virtual Teams

>> Co-ordination and Control

The leader has to decide the best method of leading the team. Will this be through a command and control approach or more through playing the role of a coordinator and facilitator?

Although the answer to this question may seem, various difficulties present themselves for the Global Team Leader.

  • Questions the Global Team Leader needs to ask him/herself include:
  • What is my normal leadership style?
  • Does this style work equally well with all team members?
  • Which type of team member do I feel most at ease with/most ill at ease with?
  • Do all cultures expect leaders to lead in the same manner?
  • How can I best issue instructions to elicit the best response?
  • Do I need to communicate my management style? If so, what are the best channels?

One of the key questions above is ‘Do all cultures expect leaders to lead in the same manner?’ and the answer to that is a definite ‘NO’. Different cultures have very differing expectations around what constitutes a ‘good’ or a ‘bad’ leader’. Some cultures expect leaders to be collaborative and open whilst others se good leadership as being much more authoritative and directive.

If you have a team which consists of Americans, Germans, Indians and Chinese, they will all have differing views on how they want to be lead and what they see as good leadership qualities.

Latest version updated 23rd March 2017

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