Leading Virtual Teams

As companies and organisations become ever more geographically spread around the globe, so internal teams take on new characteristics and bring new challenges to leaders.

Global leaders of the 21st century will have to develop the skills which will enable them to lead people from different cultures across the divides of time zones, geographies and technology. This is a big ask and far too few organisations give their leaders the knowledge and skills to help them undertake these tasks effectively.

Although the various roles of the global virtual team leader might be described as almost infinite, the key activities can be broken down as involving:

  • Setting Objectives
  • Defining Roles and responsibilities
  • Co-ordination and control
  • Giving non-culturally biased feedback and advice
  • Gaining total team involvement
  • Ensuring remote team members don’t feel isolated
  • Developing a one-team spirit

Each of these activities is difficult enough when your team is located in the same office but become infinitely more complex when faced with a culturally and geographically dispersed group.

This section of the website has been written by Keith Warburton, one of the world’s leading experts in Global Virtual Team Leadership. As CEO and founder of Global Business Culture, Keith spends his life travelling the globe, working with senior executives of major multi-national organisations and helping his clients work smarter and more profitably across the barriers created by culture and the virtual environment.

Latest version updated 23rd March 2017

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