Managing a Virtual Team

Leaders of the future will be presented with a challenge they have not really faced in the past. How do I make an international virtual team work as efficiently and effectively as a team who sit in the same office as me? They will be faced with teams who are geographically distant, who work in different time zones, who have competing local priorities and who, crucially, may have completely different cultural attitudes to some of the most basic team issues.

Virtual team leaders need help if they are to navigate through these complex issues successfully. They need to be guided through the key issues of global virtual team management if they are to fully engage their team members and ensure maximum commercial efficiencies.

Global Business Culture has years of experience in helping clients to develop their talent pool and engender a truly global mindset within their management team.

Typical issues covered might include:

  • Defining virtual teams
  • The role of the virtual team leader
  • Cultural expectations of team members
  • Key national cultures
  • Developing common process
  • Communicating within virtual teams
  • Maximising virtual meetings
  • Building trust across time and distance
  • Developing effective distance relationships
  • Use of technology