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Improving an existing Virtual Team

Many of our clients have existing virtual teams which they have identified as operating sub-optimally and they are unsure where the problems lie especially if the individual team members and the leader are all proven achievers.

Global Business Culture has many years of experience working with in-tact teams, helping them to identify areas of misalignment and to develop new, improved ways of working together. By working through the issues of cultural bias, differing local priorities and unclear process, virtual teams can be given a new lease of life and an impetus towards continual improvement.

Course topics include:

  • Defining the current situation
  • The role of the virtual team members
  • Cultural expectations of other team members
  • Leadership expectations
  • The need for common process
  • Improving communication within the team
  • Analysis of current meeting issues
  • Building intra-team trust across cultures
  • Improving personal relationships
  • Use of technology

Latest version updated 29th March 2017