Global Virtual Teams

Modern, multi-national organisations need their employees to be able to work as effectively in virtual teams as they do in co-located teams but often find that their people lack the necessary skill-sets and knowledge to do so.

It is, obviously, harder to build team identity, culture and trust when a team spans the globe than when everyone shares the same location.

Global Business Culture’s Virtual Team-building programmes are designed to give team members and leaders the insight, knowledge and practical skills needed to bridge culture, distance and time. Our aim is that delegates complete the course armed with an effective toolkit which can be used in all virtual situations.
How we add value

With over 15 years’ experience of working with some of the world’s most prestigious global companies, Global Business Culture has developed a range of training interventions which are designed to be of immediate practical value to delegates. We do not talk theory, we talk practice by addressing such issues as:

  • Defining virtual teams
  • The role of the virtual team leader
  • Cultural expectations of team members
  • Key national cultures
  • Developing common process
  • Maximising virtual meetings
  • Communicating within virtual teams
  • Building trust across time and distance
  • Use of technology

Latest version updated 23rd March 2017

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