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Can you quantify the current risks or the exact needs for adequate corporate governance & control in your business is your business; is it alert and agile enough to spot new risks as they develop?

Financial risk is a growing part of internal governance with greater emphasis placed on recognising, recording and mitigating inherent risks, which in most businesses would include Interest rate risk, supply chain risk, currency risk, credit risk, price level risk, commodity risk and counterparty risk.

Our treasury and working capital expertise allows corporates to identify and measure underlying exposures, and develop professional strategies to manage and mitigate them.

Policy & Strategy

Many corporates have no clearly defined policies in corporate risk management, whilst those with outdated, deficient and missing treasury policies risk confusion, inefficiency and lack of clear controls within treasury.

Auditors & Board members are placing an increasing emphasis on corporate governance and having a suitable approved treasury policy in place to control the critical risk area of treasury and cash management

It is critical for corporates to have precise & clearly communicated policies in place to dictate how areas of risk are in the business are controlled. You should review, revise and stress test your policies to:

  • Safeguard your firm’s financial assets
  • Guarantee proper controls
  • Establish a solid governance framework
  • Enable board and management oversight of critical treasury activities

Organisation & Process

When companies grow and evolve organically their internal governance & controls often fail to keep pace with organisational change, leaving companies exposed to genuine financial risk through lack of procedures polices and adequate controls in the company.

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