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>> The Power of Global Content Marketing Strategies

The role of content marketing strategies in international development and expansion has never been a more important factor. The Internet has democratised the user experience, enabling purchasers to compare and contrast products and services in a way that now exposes the weak.

The expression digital marketing has been pre-eminent over the course of the last decade but in truth marketing is marketing be it digital or not. The simple answer to the complex question of ‘where should our global marketing efforts lie?’ is simply this: You should be where your prospect global customer is looking for you.

The role of search technologies cannot be underestimated in this regard. Anyone wishing to find out anything about any subject in the world has access to a resource that places information and options at their fingertips. But trying to play the system, as has occurred in the past with key-word stuffing strategies, is no longer acceptable. Search engines now penalise attempts to ‘game’ the system.

The answer to persuasive content is authenticity, relevancy and timeliness. The world of search now resonates around storytelling. The industry calls it content marketing. To industry veterans like us this is a somewhat emperor’s new clothes phenomenon, but none the less, still very important. Being able to add a global perspective, tone of voice, and use of language to international content marketing is what drives our client’s success.

Latest version updated 31st October 2018

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