How we can help

We help our HE clients to tackle both strategic and day-to-day operational issues by helping develop the key skills and knowledge-base needed to work effectively in today’s globalised and immensely competitive Higher Education environment.

Typical issues explored include

  • Up-skilling of academic staff in terms of their ability to cope with the demands of a vastly multicultural student cohort
  • Awareness-raising of large numbers of a University work force to the impact of international cultural differences on all cross-cultural interactions
  • Increasing and improving the quality of cross-border partnerships and collaboration
  • Internationalisation of the curriculum
  • Helping students understand the complexities of life in a global commercial environment
  • Delivery of training programmes on MBA courses
  • Helping HE deliver on the promise to allow both students and academics better access to good quality overseas assignments (and preparing them to take best advantage of them)

Our approach

Drawing on an in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by Higher Education organisations in the modern, competitive global landscape, Global Business Culture are able to develop highly focused training interventions which address the specific requirement of each individual institution and every function within that institution – be it the International Office, faculty or the student body itself. Our training programmes are practical, dynamic and provide immediate, tangible results.