Have you ever wondered how easy it might be to work in a foreign culture where the everyday norms around how business ‘gets done’ are completely different from your home country? Have you ever experienced an uncomfortable moment in a meeting in a foreign country where you thought to yourself ‘I just don’t understand what happened’? If you have, then Global Business Culture’s unique Cultural Compatibility Test might help you to understand the complexities of cross-border working and relationship-building.

The concept is quite simple really – we simply ask you to answer 25 simple questions which look at your personality and your cultural approach to various business-related scenarios. The clever bit is that we then take your answers and map them against the normative cultural values in a specific target country – for example China or Germany. You are then presented with an easy to read graphic which shows how closely compatible your approach is to that of your target country. You can even download a copy of your result.

Just in case you’re interested, the seven cultural categories we will map your approach against are:

  • Social Position – are you hierarchically-minded?
  • Group Orientation – are you group oriented or individualistic?
  • People Relationships – what importance do you place on relationship-building?
  • Business Focus – how task oriented are you?
  • Communication Styles – what style of communications are you most comfortable with?
  • Time Management – are you linear-active or multi-active?
  • Business Planning – how long-termist are you?

Having compared yourself to China, you might want to test yourself against the approach you would find in business in Brazil – that’s simple because you can do the test as many times as you want. It’s fun, it’s free and it’s quick – why not give it a go?

More importantly though, once you’ve taken the test we strongly recommend that you read the in-depth country culture profiles you can find here