Develop Your Own Cultural Fluency

Global business culture’s mission is to make people more effective when working across the barriers of culture, geography and time. We want to make people more culturally fluent so we have developed a range of products which can be downloaded from this site at a range of affordable prices – some are even free!

Our products are designed to help people climb a learning ladder with each product being a little more detailed than the previous one. On this site you can find:

  • A cultural compatibility test which allows you to compare your way of working with that of a business person in any of 26 countries.
  • Free country profiles outlining the key cultural issues you are likely to encounter when doing business in 39 of the world’s leading economies.
  • A survival kit for working internationally. This booklet entitled ‘Working in a Global Environment’ covers the key issues you need to think about when working in a cross-cultural situation.
  • A comprehensive and interactive e-learning programme which takes you step-by-step through some of the key concepts which you need to grasp to be truly culturally fluent.
  • A series of three video master-classes delivered by Cultural Awareness guru Keith Warburton. Keith is an internationally renowned expert of the impact of cultural differences on global business and is a frequent keynote speaker at conferences for major global multi-national companies.
  • Cultural awareness surgeries by phone or skype with Keith Warburton where you can explore real life cultural dilemmas you are facing within your business. These surgeries allow you to enter into a deep-dive on pressing current international problems you might be facing.