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Limited Liability Company

The most usual types of limited liability companies are the limited company and the joint stock company.

Limited Company (Ltd.Sti.) Joint Stock Company (A.S.)
Minimum Capital TL 10.000- TL 50.000-
Board of directors required Yes Yes
Residence in Turkey / EU required for management or board of directors Yes Yes

The share capital can be paid as cash funds or be provided by contributions in kind, such as goodwill, fixes assets, stocks, debtors etc. Contributions in kind must be evaluated by qualified experts.

In general all requirements with respect to taxes, accounting and auditing are the same for the limited and joint stock company.
The annual report is subject to auditing independent auditors for company of public ownership, and booking records are subject to auditing by a state authorised public accountant or a registered accountant.

For groups of companies the filing of a consolidated finacial statement is mandatory only if the companies’ shares are quoted to the Istanbul Stock Exchange Market (IMKB).

Branch / Representative Office

A registered branch or a subsidiary of a foreing company must be registered and meet the requirements of Turkish Company Law.


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