Market Entry in the Netherlands

>> How we can help you expand in the Netherlands

If you are considering entering the European market it is advisable that you connect with competent partners to guide you on this exciting journey. At Styleau we pride ourselves in treating each project as if it were our own venture. Our team of experienced consultants will help you identify the market opportunity and ensure that you avoid costly errors.

Our focus is on enabling companies to expand successfully to Europe via the three following services:

  1. Develop a competitive Market Entry Strategy
    • Perform extensive market analysis.
    • Identify the ideal client profile.
    • Develop a differentiated market positioning strategy to ensure your approach will be competitive.
    • Develop a marketing and sales plan to start the business venture.
  2. Set up initial trading activities and establish a company presence if required
    • Provide human resource, administrative, IT solutions and logistical support.

We will support you with our network of professional partners in establishing your European office and a sales and support team for your company.

  1. Sales
    • We provide sales lead generation and qualification.
    • We can arrange virtual meetings for you to meet potential customers and ensure that you speak to the right people to start trading.
    • In addition, we offer direct sales calling services to sell products and services to prospective clients.

Please feel free to contact us for a non-committal first call to discuss your venture and to ensure that you start your project with expert advice from the outset to avoid critical and costly errors.

Latest version updated 6th December 2017

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