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The Netherlands has a very open and internationally oriented economy. The country has a growing market with opportunities for trade in all sectors, especially for small- and medium-sized businesses.

Netherlands is a small but wealthy country that offers companies an opportunity to test the viability of a product before expanding to the rest of the world. Because the Dutch have a good command of English and people are open to new ideas and products, the country is often seen as the gateway to Europe.

The Dutch government supports companies that develop innovative products through tax benefits, innovation credits and grants. There are also several EU grant schemes for innovation.

The government, private sector, universities and research centres are working together in the Top Sector Alliance for Knowledge and Innovation (TKI). The alliance looks for ways to get innovative products or services onto the market. The WBSO (R&D tax credit) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy is also intended to provide entrepreneurs with an incentive to invest in research.

 Business opportunities per sector

  • Agri-Food Business.

This is one of the thriving sectors in Netherlands and it involves farming as well as manufacturing.

  • Logistics / Haulage Business.

Import and export are major sectors and these businesses require logistical support that presents many opportunities.

  • Innovative high-tech products.

The Netherlands is well known for inventing innovative products such as the Compact Disc, Bluetooth and Wi-fi. The government provides financial support for the innovative enterprise. Businesses are assisted by the government to bring their innovative products and services to the market more quickly.

  • Horticulture and propagation materials

The Dutch horticulture sector is an international market leader in flowers, plants, bulbs and reproductive material.

  • Life sciences and health

The high-quality infrastructure for clinical research, competitive tax support measures, pro-business climate and strategic location provide life sciences companies with an entry point to the European market. The sector provides an excellent environment for business expansion and acceleration.

  • Chemicals, petroleum and gas products and related services

The chemical industry in the Netherlands is highly profitable. The Rotterdam harbour, the infrastructure of the country, research from Dutch universities and the availability of qualified personnel provide excellent opportunities for foreign businesses.

  • Creative industries

The Dutch creative industry is currently gaining considerable international acclaim and has a particularly strong reputation in interior design, gaming, fashion, and architecture.

  • Smart Industry

The Smart Industry initiative aims to strengthen Dutch industries by promoting the use of cutting-edge IT and technology, like 3D printing, nanotechnology and robots.

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