Accountancy in Sweden

Country overview

Capital: Stockholm

Population: 9 995 153 (2016)

Language: Swedish

Area: 450,295 sq. km (176, 000 sq. mi)

Currency: Swedish Kronor (SEK)

GDP: (4 375 Billion SEK (2016)

GDP per capita: 440 000 SEK (2016)

GDP real growth rate: 4,7% (2016)

Local Time: GMT + 1 hour

Dialing code: + 46

Why Sweden

Sweden has a strong economy, a very low level of public debt and a robust banking system, making it a very stable place to  run a business.

Sweden is recognized as one of the world’s most knowledge-based economies.

Sweden is known for its large number of multinational corporations in relation to the size of the economy. Sweden is also known for being one of the most competitive, productive and globalized nations in the world. Sweden has a highly developed workforce, and an openness and willingness to work globally.

Sweden has a business-friendly environment that is modern and open. In addition, the Swedish corporate tax rate is low, by international standards, and is solely based on a company’s annual profit.

The public spending in Sweden is high and as a result, Sweden has an excellent infrastructure for transportation.

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