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Corporate tax (profit tax)

For a company incorporated in Myanmar, shareholders (and this includes new members authorised by the new Foreign Investment Law) a tax rate of 25 per cent applies. The same rate as for a member resident in Myanmar.

This rate also applies for any branch of a foreign company.

Commercial tax

A levy is applicable of 5% for products and services whether imported or produced in Myanmar. There are some locally produced items which attract a zero rate.

Commercial tax on exports

There are exemptions for all exports regarding Commercial Tax yet some exceptions covering petroleum products, timbers, jade/gemstones.

Personal income tax for foreigners

Any non-resident has to pay income tax on salary at the rate of 25 percent. Other bands exist for other types of income. This may be 35 percent in some cases.

Any foreign national remaining in Myanmar for a period of 183 days or more is regarded as being resident. Income tax applies.

A foreign national who is not registered as a resident is subject to income tax on income generated in Myanmar. This may be at the rate of 35 percent or on a scale from zero to 25 percent.


VAT has not been introduced but there is Commercial tax as mentioned above with the rate being 5 percent. Some local produce is exempt.

Foreign tax relief

Unless an international reciprocal agreement is in place there is no relief applicable

Tax treaties

A number of countries have signed tax treaties. These include; Singapore, Republic of Korea, Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, Laos, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Great Britain.

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