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Depreciation is recognized on a straight line method base on the cost of the asset.

Rate of Depreciation %
Buildings 1.5 – 4
Furniture and fixings 6 – 12
Machinery 7 – 25
Cars 15
Electronic equipment 15
Computers 33

The arm’s length principal

In an international deal where special relation exists between the parties and as a result of these relations a different price or conditions were determined, such a deal must be reported for tax as it was done at market price and conditions. Such a deal must be revealed in the yearly tax reports and be indicated what method was used to determine the market price and conditions.

The tax payer can apply for a pre ruling to determine the criteria he must stand up to.

According to market pricing regulations a survey of market conditions must be prepared in order to determine if the international deals between the related parties are at market price.

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