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  1. Estate Duty

– Abolished in February 2006

  1. Stamp Duty

Stamp duty is chargeable under the Stamp Duty Ordinance on documents effecting the transfer of shares and securities registered in Hong Kong and the transfer or lease of land and buildings situated  in Hong Kong.

Buyer’s Stamp Duty on the acquisition and Special Stamp Duty on disposal of residential properties on top of ad valorem stamp duty is chargeable on the individual or company which acquires a residential property on or after October 27, 2012 and resells it within 36 months.

The maximum rates of stamp duty for 2017/18 are:

Conveyances of immovable property 8.5% of consideration over HK$21,739,120
Lease of more than 3 years 1% of annual rent
Transfer of shares or securities 0.2% of the consideration paid or of the market value (whichever is higher)
Special Stamp Duty on reselling residential properties 10% – 20%
Buyer’s Stamp Duty on the acquisition of  residential properties 15%

Latest version updated 24th October 2017

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