Market Entry in Germany

Reasons for expanding to Germany

Germany has the largest population, market and economy in the EU. There are few restrictions regarding a business in Germany which makes it an attractive region to start a business or to enter the European market with an existing business model. The market is very competitive and does present some challenges. The advantages however outweigh and it is the crown jewels of the European economy.

  1. A dynamic economy

The country has significant spending power, an innovative climate and it is located in the heart of Europe. Germany also has a dense transport network and highly skilled workers.

  1. A good home for your ideas

Inventions, intellectual property is well protected in Germany. Copyright, patent law and trademark law are designed to safeguard the most valuable assets of companies.

The Economic policy of Germany is focusing on protecting excellent ideas: Competition law, for example, ensures competitors cannot make false claims about your products in order to attract customers for themselves.

  1. Support and funding

All German states have professional information centres for entrepreneurs and the advice is free. Startup initiatives can also help companies to find suitable networks. Government support programs may provide funding for projects that qualify.

  1. A diverse society

More than 7.6 million people from 190 countries call Germany their home. This co-existence of various cultures and religions has given rise to a lively, international arts and culture scene. A high standard of living and quality of life combined with a stable democracy all contribute to peaceful coexistence in Germany.

  1. Business Confidence

The Business Climate Index for Germany rose to an all-time high in November 2017. German companies are very optimistic about the present economic situation and their expectation of business growth in the future.

  1. Skilled Labor

Although Germany has a shortage of skilled labour the freedom of movement principle of the EU allows the country to recruit suitable employees from the rest of the EU. The German visa laws also make it easy employing people from outside the EU. Germany allows businesses to sponsor employees in return for fast-tracked residency.

Latest version updated 21st November 2017

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