Directors’ Duties in France

In France, the duties of directors are codified by the French Commercial Code. Other statutes and regulations create offences and many of them impose strict liability.

The director of the company plays a very important  role in overseeing activities within the company, in promoting and upholding the company’s values of providing quality products and ensuring the highest  levels of customer satisfaction.

As a director, you are therefore expected to give this role the due time, attention and focus that such a responsibility requires, and to exercise your judgement with due care and consideration.

A company director does not necessarily need to manage business activities within the company, ie ‘run the business’, nor do those who manage the business necessarily need to fulfil the role of director. However in order that you as a director can properly fulfil your duties in overseeing the company’s activities, it is vitally important that you have good visibility and regular  access to the right management information.

Latest version updated 22nd March 2018

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