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People working in France are considered either as salaried people or as nonsalaried. According to each class, they pay their social contributions to different bodies and at different rates.

The basic compulsory system of benefits is, however, the same and this includes:

  • health, accident, invalidity, nursing-care provided by the Securité Sociale
  • retirement plan provided by the Securité Sociale and compulsory pension funds
  • unemployment insurance (if salaried).

Additional benefits must include:

  • additional health coverage
  • additional invalidity and death in service

For all of these, a portion of the employee’s gross salary is withheld and contributes to the final monthly or quarterly payments made on behalf of employees by the employer. The global cost of all contributions is estimated to 25% for the employees (direct payslip deductions) and to 40-45% of the gross salary for the employer.

This cost is high but this makes most private insurance coverage and additional retirement useless as mandatory coverage is set at a very  high level.

Assignment of Staff

Staff may be assigned between parent company and subsidiary for working in France. Visa and working permits are necessary for non-EU residents. Most international conventions concluded

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