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Requirement and thresholds

All accounting records must be in Czech. All accounting records must be kept, and financial statements presented, in Czech crowns (CZK). It is possible to specify a business year-end other than  31 December.

All corporations recorded in the

Commercial Register are obliged to publish their annual statutory financial statements, annual reports and consolidated financial statements in the Commercial Register if applicable; all financial data about all Czech corporations is thus freely accessible at

All accounting units and groups are categorized depending on the following criteria: net turnover, balance sheet total, average number of employees, legal form, and other conditions. In total, there are four accounting unit categories  (micro, small, medium and large).

Financial statements do not have to be audited if the accounting unit is considered a micro and at least two of the following criteria are not exceeded:

  • net turnover exceeding CZK 18 million per annum (approx. EUR 700,000);
  • total assets exceeding CZK 9 million

(approx. EUR 350,000);

  • average number of employees exceeding 10.

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